Kerry Sherman // Vocals / Guitar  •  Colton Gabel // Drums   •  Zachary Reiter // Bass  •  Tyler Cook // Guitar

“We take pride in that we are a ‘rock n’ roll’ band”, says Vocalist/Guitarist Kerry Sherman. “We believe that comes with a certain attitude and responsibility and as long as we hold to that, nothing else matters.”

Dead Presleys goal is to come out swinging. “We don’t want to be a band that takes a lot of time to ’find’ our sound.  We want to come out of the gate feeling like we’re firing on all cylinders.” Before they played together, Kerry, Colton Gabel (drums), Cole Costello (Guitar) and Zachary Reiter (Bass), spent months discussing what they wanted to be as a band.  What did they come up with? “Tight, fun, groove-oriented and it HAS to feel like rock n’ roll to us.”

Within those parameters, Dead Presleys’ music varies quite a bit.  They take inspiration from all sorts of genres, including blues rock, hair metal, classic rock, reggae, country, punk rock and pop. If this sounds like it could get muddy, don’t worry. Dead Presleys have been playing music together in different projects off and on for 12 years.  They know how to play together and mesh those varied styles into something cohesive.

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had playing music.  I tried to get this project off the ground when I lived in Denver.  You think you’d have a ton of great musicians to work with down there, but I couldn’t find people that meshed and were dedicated.  It took moving home to a small town to find the right people.  We’re excited for the future.”